The Centre’s Child Rights in Business (CRIB) Working Group brings companies together to collaborate, share best practice, and access the latest information and insights related to child rights. 


CRIB Members gain access to a continuous flow of data and updates from The Centre’s teams working on the ground to address child rights issues in supply chains. These insights equip companies with the knowledge you need to keep on top of child rights issues, make informed decisions, and develop and refine your strategy using up to date data.  


CRIB membership also includes access to The Centre's exclusive CRIB Working Group members' platform, that provides exclusive access to a broad range of features and resources on child rights and business issues including a child labour map, clickable infographic of child labour data, child labour alerts, a comprehensive resource library, downloadable country factsheets, a message board and more.

Members also have access to The Centre's Child Labour Rapid Response service, which guarantees The Centre's readiness to act immediately when a case of suspected child labour is reported at a supplier factory or production site. CRIB members also have the opportunity to collaborate with The Centre and other members on joint initiatives to address child labour risks and advance child rights in supply chains. 

The CRIB Working Group meets three times a year, with virtual and in-person meetings held in Hong Kong and at key sourcing locations. The Working Group offers a collaborative and confidential space where members can cooperate with The Centre and other brands/retailers and suppliers on identifying common challenges, sharing resources and experiences, and implementing best practices regarding children, young workers and working (migrant) parents in the supply chain. 

Membership Features and Benefits 

  • Keeps you at the forefront of issues, trends and data related to child rights risks and hotspots, with the up to date information you need to keep on top of issues

  • Exclusive access to the CRIB Working Group Online Platform

  • Access the support, best practice and insights you need to define strategies and make informed decisions on child rights issues  

  • Network and engage with peers across industries, and participate in joint collaborations to address child labour and advance child rights at scale

  • Secure access to The Centre’s global Child Labour Rapid Response service guaranteeing The Centre’s readiness to immediately respond to suspected child labour cases

  • Get priority access to join The Centre-initiated projects, learn about our latest findings and case studies

  • Continuous updates on legal provisions, standards and research regarding supply chain sustainability and child rights, always presented from the perspective of what it could mean for your business

CRIB Working Group Meetings Schedule 

We are pleased to announce the dates for our 2024 Working Group meetings:

  • March 13 – UK/EU/USA

  • March 15 – Hong Kong/Asia

  • June 12 – UK/EU/USA

  • June 14 – Hong Kong/Asia

  • November 13 – UK/EU/USA

  • November 15 – Hong Kong/Asia

The locations will be shared shortly, so mark your diaries and prepare for these important gatherings. We look forward to seeing you there.

Contact us to discuss how CRIB membership can benefit your company.

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Joining the Working Group complements some of our most significant initiatives within MTP, including our work with village representatives, our staff, and contractors about child’s rights and implementing policies surrounding the protection of vulnerable children in the communities where we operate.

-Phonesavanh Chindamany, Sustainability Manager at Mekong Timber Plantations, Mekong Timber Plantations
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Phonesavanh Chindamany, Sustainability Manager at Mekong Timber Plantations, Mekong Timber Plantations

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