Young Worker Support Programme for Coffee Suppliers in China

Between 2019 and 2020, The Centre worked with a major manufacturer of coffee products in its supply chain in China to implement a young worker support programme consisting of two phases. The first phase involved a risk assessment at one of its key supplier facilities in China, which enabled The Centre to identify key risks and challenges that would then be addressed in the second programme phase. 


Among the key findings of this assessment was the fact that turnover rates were very significantly higher among young workers compared to their older counterparts. Young workers were also found to be lacking clear, long-term career goals and felt an emotional burden in connection to leaving home and experiencing work-related stress. They also lacked opportunities to receive training to improve their skill set. 

Taking these findings into consideration and with a view to establishing a long-term support system for young workers in the assessed factory, a customised young worker support programme was implemented that consisted of young worker training to build up young workers’ resilience and motivation, line manager training to help supervisors understand and address the needs of the younger generation, a young worker and line manager Training of Trainers (ToT) so that factory staff could continue rolling out a training scheme independently in the future, and a joint workshop with line managers, young workers and HR staff. In total, 21 hours of young worker training & 260 hours of line manager training was delivered.


Key programme achievements:

  • Young workers have more opportunities to access learning and skill-building opportunities 

  • The factory has thoroughly updated their HR policies and processes, focusing much stronger on protection for juvenile workers and development opportunities for youth

  • 98% of workers now get along with their co-workers and supervisors 

  • 87% will try to find a solution when they have a conflict or disagreement with colleague

  • More young workers are planning to stay for two years or longer in the factory

"The working environment, benefits and learning opportunities are better than those in other surrounding factories, and the salary is paid on timeMoreover, I have a good relationship with my supervisor. So, if there are no other special circumstances, I will keep working here.”

A young worker who was interviewed by The Centre after the programme had been implemented 

Published on   21/05/2021
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