Impact and Achievements of the 2020 Child Friendly Spaces Programme

As the 2020 Child Friendly Spaces drew to a close in late summer, we couldn’t have been prouder of the six new factories who, despite a challenging year, decided to open such a space for the first time in their factory. In total, 19 factories in China opened Child Friendly Spaces this summer, providing their parent workers with much-needed childcare support while giving them peace of mind at work. 

2020 IETP CFS quote.pngSince the first pilot in 2015, the programme has grown in scale and achievements: 82 factories have run the programme to date, benefitting over 5000 children and parents. 

In the months following the 2020 CFS programme, we carried out comprehensive assessments at the new CFS factories to measure the impact of the programme on workers, children and factories. As in previous years, CFS has once again achieved a wide range of positive outcomes, from strengthened parent-child relationships to increased retention to increased work efficiency. Below we highlight the key achievements from the 2020 Child Friendly Spaces programme in China


General Feedback

Impact on Participating Parent Workers

Impact on Participating Children

Impact on Worker Trust, Satisfaction and Retention

Programme Sustainability

Child Friendly Spaces offer multiple benefits to businesses that participate in the programme. 

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Published on   01/11/2020
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