WeCare Migrant Parent Support Programme for Clas Ohlson in China

From 2017-2019, The Centre (formerly ‘CCR CSR’) implemented the “Better Business for Children: Migrant Parent Support Programme” in Clas Ohlson’s supply chain in China. Close to 1500 migrant parent workers received parenting training to help them bridge the barriers caused by long-term separation with their children and boost their skills in communication and remote parenting. The programme also included a SmartWatch programme whereby children were given SmartWatches to promote better communication with their parents. All in all, close to 2300 children indirectly benefited from this programme. 

Introducing “WeCare” 

To continue its commitment to “improve standards for suppliers, their workers and families and local communities”, Clas Ohlson is continuing its collaboration with The Centre via the 3-year “WeCare Programme” from 2020-2022. WeCare involves a comprehensive needs analysis and brands and buyers then choose activities from a programme menu making it a versatile and customisable programme. It is currently being offered by The Centre in China, Vietnam and Turkey and covers parenting support (e.g. basic and advanced migrant parent training including training on coping with the negative impact of COVID-19, parent-child activities, eLearning etc.); childcare, education and youth support (Child Friendly Space, After-School Centre, youth development programme); and financial and psychological support (one-on-one consulting, targeted emergency support etc.). All activities have been adapted to the COVID-19 context, and online solutions are available for those elements that are feasible and effective to carry out in this format. 

Programme Objectives

The main objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • To improve the lives of migrant parent workers by providing services that will strengthen them in their role as parents

  • To ensure that any recruitment of migrant workers is carried out in a responsible manner

  • To support and address the urgent needs of workers during COVID-19

Given the changes in China’s worker demographics, the inherent challenges for factories to recruit and retain qualified workers and the fact that many parent workers are changing jobs frequently due to family and child-related concerns and most recently COVID-19, the WeCare programme will support factories in retaining their workers and improve factory management-worker relationship. The programme is also in line with Clas Ohlson’s tradition of caring for employers and customers and its CSR strategy on value chain and value creation.

Material Development 

As part of the programme deliverable, The Centre developed a children’s workbook tailored to the context of COVID-19. The workbook offers advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety, provides family-friendly game and activity ideas, encourages children to document key thoughts and aspects from their childhood including the worries they have with regards to the pandemic, to gather input from their parents and to ultimately create an invaluable time-capsule that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. 

Please download the full workbook below. 

Published on   01/07/2020
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