2018 Snapshot Study of Young Workers in China's Manufacturing Sector

This study was conducted by The Centre (formerly CCR CSR) with the support of the CSR Centre at the Swedish Embassy in Beijing, which strives to generate up-to-date and relevant data on topics related to corporate social responsibility in China.

This study expands on The Centre’s previous related studies and compiles data from online surveys with 46 suppliers and 27 brands/buyers, on-site worker surveys with 525 young workers (aged 25 or younger), and interviews and focus group discussions with 13 juvenile workers under the age of 18.

The study’s goal was to develop better understanding of:

  • The demographic changes of young workers in export manufacturing sector and the possible implications of the recent trends

  • The challenges in young/juvenile worker management and what should be done to ease those challenges

  • How the situation of young workers and conditions at work might be associated with their overall physical and mental health as well as their job satisfaction and retention

  • The possible gaps in supporting young/juvenile workers and the highest risks in their protection

Below is a summary of the key findings, and the full report can be downloaded at the bottom at this page. Please contact us for any queries or media requests. 


Published on   03/05/2018
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