2021 Child Friendly Spaces - Weekly Updates and Highlights From Child Friendly Factories in China

Welcome to our 2021 Child Friendly Spaces Tracker! Watch this space to receive weekly updates and highlights from this year’s programme. 


Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) are childcare facilities at factories and production sites to support parent workers, which usually run over the summer when schools are closed, but can continue operating as after-school centres year round. In addition to allowing parents to spend valuable time with their children, CFS also helps prevent the risk of children being brought to production areas and hence reduces major compliance risks including children’s involvement in work. Read more about our programme here.

Week 3

Three more factories launched their Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) this week, bringing the total to eight operational CFS so far. Some children were nervous on the first day. With the help of the teachers and factory staff, they quickly adapted to their new and exciting life at the CFS. 


One factory organised a workshop tour for the children, so that they could get a first-hand insight into their parents’ jobs. This was a new, fun and meaningful experience for the children.


The Centre’s staff visited five operating CFS this week to conduct a monitoring assessment. The assessment aimed to ensure that the spaces were up to standard so that the children have a safe, happy and fulfilling summer.

Week 2


Depending on where they live, children in China get to start their summer vacation this week or in the following week. This week, five factories have successfully opened the Child Friendly Spaces within their premises. Opening ceremonies were hosted at these factories. Fun events and delicious meals were carefully prepared by the CFS staff to welcome the children. The children got the opportunity to get to know the other children whom they will be spending a joyous summer with. Photos below show our little guests’ first week at the CFS. 


Three other factories plan to open the Child Friendly Spaces next week (the week of July 19). Some final touches are being done before the launch, such as finalising the daily schedule of the CFS, preparing for a test-run and the opening ceremony.

Week 1


Currently, 11 factories are preparing to open Child Friendly Spaces for the first time this summer in China, while somefactories have to postpone it until next year due to the uncertainties of the COVID situation in some provinces. The project is highly anticipated by front-line workers, creating an opportunity for them to spend time with their left-behind children during the summer vacation, while also being able to focus on work better. 


During the past week, The Centre staff visited four factories for CFS pre-launch assessments, to view and support their renovation process and staff recruitment, as well as support with other admin-related aspects. Pictures below are a series of before-after photos from the factories we visited that show the remarkable change of their selected CFS venues.


All CFS will open their doors in mid-July, in time to welcome our first little visitors.







Published on 08/07/2021

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